Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Should it stay or should it go now?

So I went to Target to get some stuff for an upcoming trip and found this dress. Fell in love with it on the rack and didn't try it on but since it was only 8 bucks, I brought it home anyway. Tried it on, fell out of love. The fit is really strange but I think if I can get it to fit better in the waist, the pleats will balance out more and become more of a full shirt instead of figure UN-flattering white smock.

Now, I know a lot of you ladies have skill on the sewing machine and with making clothes look much much better, so, any ideas?

Help is much appreciated


mary said...

I think it's lovely! I'd just hem it an add a big locket.

nv said...

i really like that dress! it'd look even lovlier in the summer/spring

Mary said...
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