Monday, August 4, 2008


Im Bri. I'm a hippy, or so says my boyfriend. Mainly because im lazy, or as I hear people call it now "laid-back." I call it lazy still. I like comfort, and have no shame. I usually stick to jeans but occasionally throw a skirt or dress in the mix just to suprise people. I don't do shorts. I like neutrals and prefer to live a quiet existence. Though I love making people laugh, I'm a glass half-full type person. Pessimists are my least favorite things in the world. I thrive in the cold weather. I babble and lose my train of thought quickly. I'm going to be a psychologist, and one day i'll live in Seattle. While I prefer a quiet existence, I love pissing people off. My political views are constantly shown in my clothing. I don't sleep much. I love coffee, but only if its cold. Hot coffee should not exist. I cross-dress frequently and shop in the mens department way too much. I like my style, or lack thereof. Maybe you will too.