Friday, August 15, 2008

Shitty Shot

Skirt-old navy/tee-shakespear in the park/belt-boyfriend's

Still working on figuring out that self timer thing.....

Sorry I didn't update sooner, boyfried who lives 178 miles away came up for a couple days and I tend to put life on a hold a bit when hes here so I can put a hold on him. But alas, hes left again and ive been thrifting which has become supringly addicting. Pics of recent purchases to come.

But for now im just going to post an outfit I may ner have the guts to wear but I think looks just dandy. Ive got no idea what to wear for shoes. Ideas ladies?

The shirt, which I love but have yet the wear, is from shakespear in the park which is a fantastic thing that goes through Montana putting on shows of shakespears work. On the front is a skeleton and a quote along the lines of; if you can get rid of the skeletons in your closet youd best teach them to dance.

And on a side note.... Today was my last physical therapy session!!!!! Yay!

And its nice to be back and hear from you ladies :)