Monday, August 11, 2008

Hot hot heat

Jeans-sears/mens' t-kmart/mens' vest-thrifted/boys shoes-thrifted
Hola! Finally uploaded a photo from Saturday.... But I guess is better late than never eh?
As warning to my dear readers, I can't figure out self-timer to save my life. I've had my camera for over a year and it still baffles me. So please bear with theses shoddy photos. and my legs aren't that short! Bad angle.... Plus, I am kinda short 5'5''.... And I took that without the shoes, which were solid black chucks. Went to Shakespear in the Park that got moved inside due to rain, and I nearly died of heat stroke. I managed to survive even though they filled the aisles with chairs so if there were a fire, i'd be offed! Thankfully noone was smoking other than under the collar.

By the way, i'm having formatting issues with this post so please, once again, bear with me.